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hardwood floor installation

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Hardwood Installation Services

Serving Cornelius, Fort Mill, Indian Land, SC, and Pineville, NC

At Modern Home Flooring & Paint, we excel in delivering premium hardwood flooring installation services. Our expert hardwood flooring installers are dedicated to transforming your space with elegance and durability.

Preparing for Your Hardwood Flooring Installation

Embark on your journey to a beautiful hardwood floor with our streamlined installation process. Here’s what to expect:

  1. Safety First: Keep children and pets away from the hardwood flooring installation area for safety.
  2. Environmental Considerations: Be aware of odors, dust, and slight fumes during the installation. Those with allergies should avoid the area.
  3. Room Readiness: Ensure the installation area is properly enclosed and ready for our team.
  4. Pre-Installation Checklist: Complete any wet tasks well before our arrival.
  5. Electricity Access: Our installers will need access to electrical outlets for their tools.
  6. Furniture and Appliances: Move these items, or let our team assist you, following our safety and care guidelines.
  7. Securing Valuables: Safely store away precious items.
  8. Door and Furniture Removal: Our installers may need to remove doors and help clear furniture temporarily.
  9. Special Preparations: Prepare electronic devices and other items for safe moving.
  10. Customer Responsibilities: Removal of old flooring and post-installation tasks like painting or baseboard fitting are the customer’s responsibility.


hardwood floor installation

During and After Hardwood Flooring Installation

Our hardwood flooring installation team is committed to excellence and requests your cooperation:

  • Continued Safety: Ensure children and pets remain away from the work area.
  • Adult Presence Required: An adult should be available on installation day to assist our crew.
  • Ideal Conditions: Maintain a temperature between 60 and 80 degrees for optimal installation.
  • Subfloor Awareness: Any existing damage to the subfloor will be the customer’s responsibility.
  • Limitations of Service: We focus on hardwood flooring installation and do not address structural repairs or hazardous materials.
hardwood floor installation


After your hardwood floor is installed:

  • Inspection: Conduct a thorough walkthrough with our installers to ensure your satisfaction.
  • Furniture Replacement: We’re here to help with furniture placement if included in our service.
  • Enjoy Your New Hardwood Floor: Relish the beauty and quality of your new hardwood flooring. Contact us at [Your Contact Number] for any further assistance or questions.

Choose Modern Home Flooring & Paint for Your Hardwood Flooring Installation Needs.

Get in touch today for exceptional hardwood flooring installation services in Cornelius, Fort Mill, Indian Land, SC, and Pineville, NC. Our skilled hardwood flooring installers are ready to enhance your home with professionalism and precision.

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