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Carpet Care & Maintenance
from Modern Home Flooring & Paint

Follow these tips and tricks to keep your carpet looking its best.

How to Care for Your Carpet

Carpet flooring, known for its ease of maintenance, can stay looking fresh and new for years with the right care. A consistent, straightforward maintenance routine not only enhances your carpet’s appearance but also extends its lifespan significantly.

Minimize Dirt and Debris

Strategically placing mats at all entry points of your home is a simple yet effective way to reduce the amount of dirt and debris that comes into contact with your carpet. Encouraging guests to remove their shoes further minimizes the risk of dirt accumulation, preserving the integrity of your carpet fibers.

Select a High-Quality Carpet Pad

Investing in a superior carpet pad is essential. It not only provides additional comfort underfoot but also plays a crucial role in extending the overall life of your carpet by providing better support and resilience.

Regularly Rearrange Furniture

To prevent uneven wear and tear, periodically rearrange heavy furniture. Using carpet protectors under furniture legs can help distribute weight more evenly, which is vital for maintaining the carpet’s structure and preventing indentations. Be mindful of chairs or appliances with rollers or casters, as they can cause significant damage if used directly on the carpet.

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Protect Carpets During Furniture Movement

When moving heavy items, it’s important to protect your carpet. Placing a sturdy barrier like heavy cardboard or plywood between the carpet and furniture wheels can prevent tearing or crushing of the carpet fibers.


Comprehensive Carpet Maintenance

Thoroughly Clean Area Rugs
Regular cleaning of area rugs lying on your carpet is crucial. Before cleaning, test them for colorfastness to ensure they don’t bleed colors onto your carpet.

Vacuuming: The Key to Carpet Longevity

Regular vacuuming is essential in maintaining the cleanliness and beauty of your carpet. The frequency of vacuuming should correlate with the amount of foot traffic in the area. This not only removes surface dirt but also prevents the embedding of dust and debris into the carpet fibers.

Invest in a High-End Vacuum

A quality vacuum cleaner can make a significant difference in the upkeep of your carpet. It’s capable of extracting dirt that isn’t visible to the naked eye, thus preserving the carpet’s appearance and texture. For guidance on selecting the best vacuum for your carpet type, visit


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Selecting the Appropriate Vacuum

Choosing the right vacuum cleaner for your specific type of carpet is crucial. Vacuums with a rotating brush or beater/brush bar are generally recommended, but caution is advised for carpets with thick loop pile or shag textures, as these can be damaged by certain vacuum types. It’s always best to test the vacuum on a small, inconspicuous area of your carpet first.

Promptly Tackle Spills and Stains

Immediate action is key when dealing with spills. Blotting the spill from the outside towards the center can prevent it from spreading. For effective cleaning, use solutions recommended by the carpet manufacturer and ensure all excess liquid is absorbed post-cleaning.

Preserve Carpet Color

Regular deep cleaning is as important as vacuuming. Modern Home Flooring and Paint can recommend professional carpet cleaning services that remove tough, sticky soil that regular vacuums can’t handle.

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Develop a Regular Cleaning Schedule

Establishing a regular care and maintenance routine is essential for keeping your carpet in top condition. Tailoring this routine to fit your specific needs and lifestyle will yield the best results.

Effective Cleaning with Hot Water Extraction

The hot water extraction method, commonly known as steam cleaning, is extremely effective for deep cleaning carpets. This process involves applying a cleaning solution followed by thorough extraction using hot water, ensuring a deep and thorough clean.

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Adhere to Manufacturer Warranties

Most carpet warranties stipulate the need for periodic professional cleaning, specifically hot water extraction, to maintain the warranty. This cleaning can be performed by a professional service or through a DIY system that meets the standards set by the Carpet and Rug Institute.

Advantages of Professional Carpet Cleaning

Professional carpet cleaners provide a range of cleaning methods that can rejuvenate your carpets in ways DIY cleaning cannot. Their expertise and equipment offer a level of cleaning that not only enhances the appearance of your carpet but also contributes to its longevity and durability.

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